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Marta Coulson

Photo : Eric Flogny

Marta Coulson is a self-taught artist and a true citizen of the world.

She obtained an Economics and History of Art degree from the University of Cambridge and travelled extensively with her diplomat father and artist mother.

She shows her artistic talent from an early age, leading to a first exhibition of her work at the age of thirteen (College of Fine Arts, Brazil). More recently, her work has been presented in England, Belgium, Luxembourg ,Hong Kong, Milan and Paris.She has exhibited in galleries and art fairs,notably the salon d'Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in Paris where her work recently won the bronze medal for photography.

Nuances of colour and ligh fascinate this artist and the unique visual aspect of her photographic images has been described by critics as painting with light.

My images are not pre-conceived and happen as a sensuous response to the beauty of a particular moment, be it the interaction of colour and light or the resonance of emotion that it awakens.They are about the joy of just 'being' ,the exchanges of energy which surround and define us .About nature, earth,interrelatedness, exuberant life and colour”

Her images explore the perception,both visual and metaphorical,of what happens when lines of delimitation are blurred.She invites us to consider that what we « see » is predetermined by our beliefs,thus everything is possible as a function of our personal perspective.

« Taking away habitual visual reference points such as a clearly defined,immediately identifiable subject, the spectators eye lingers on the image ,permitting a journey of discovery beyond first impressions.Nature re-integrates human nature, becoming it's metaphor and mirror.”

These images,which are in no way reworked or altered after they are taken,offer a poetic vision which captures the indivisible essence of our reality.

Marta Coulsons work can be seen in AD magasine and the film Un Homme A La Hauteur

PS:Since the initial publication of the electromagnetic spectrum ,humans have learned that what they can touch,smell ,see and hear is one millionth of reality.

Marta Coulson


"... If you scrutinize reality closely enough, if in some way you really,really get it, it becomes fantastic.... and this is what sometimes comes out very clearly in a photograph."
Diane Arbus

To restore to the purely visible its « haptic # » character, to the desire for transcendence a « figure » that can live up to its object: this is the mad ambition that animates the work of Marta Coulson, this is the impetus that allows her to capture landscapes that form the almost exclusive theme of her creations, landscapes allowing us to see the invisible itself.

If we were to give this artist an ascendance (to place her in a lineage) we should look for her on the side of the romantics (and, more particularly, on the side of their vision of nature and the sublime) rather than that of modern abstraction (whose cold intellectualism opposes the essence at the core of this work).

Indeed, what is striking at first sight is not the abstract appearance of what is represented, but the fact that this "abstraction" (which should rather be called distortion) is at the service of a force that is ,in itself, an expression of nature in its totality. On the one hand real landscape (of which the technique of photograpy is proof) and on the other ,pure color play, her works are to the representation of landscape what Bacon’s paintings are to the art of portraiture ; in other words, a way of grasping, from a strictly visual point of view, the play of forces ( currents of energies) that make the world a cosmos and not, as Descartes would have wanted, a simple «extended thing»

To be more precise, Marta Coulson is a seismographic artist. Like a seismograph which traces the imperceptible tremors of the earth's debths on paper , what this artist manages to capture is not so much the movement of the purely visible (as Cézanne desired to do), as the effect that this movement produces on the whole of her consciousness and, more particularly, on its deepest layers. This is why her works are never the mere reproduction of what her eye sees (Impressionism) nor the pure expression of her interiority (lyrical abstraction), but the fusion of these two extremes (a lyrical impressionism); a fusion which could be compared, in its structure, to the definition that Rimbaud gave of Eternity:

                                 «It is found again
                                   What? Eternity.
                                   It’s the sea mixed with the sun.”

                                                                                 Frederic Charles Baitinger

# The concept of haptic painting refers to any type of painting that deviates from the simple imitation of the visible world by the integration of data from other senses.This painting is,in general,painting based on gesture,touch...feeling – and not exclusively on sight.



The particular light of an instant stops me in my tracks, bringing awareness of being one with my surroundings:

Waves rush towards the sand, in which the sky is revealed in rythmic mirrors. Water links everything. Suspended in the air, rising and falling like breath,blurring the horizon until there is no limit where water and air do not mix.

All becomes a pulsation of energy, of elements, and this energy becomes all.
It passes into and through me, a cadence of ever changing, shimmering colour.

Revelation of everything as all emotion this instant conjures is merely what is already: neither an objectivity exterior to feelings, nor a spirituality separate from beingphysically in the world, but an absolute.

Ungraspable, overwhelming this awareness disappears as fast as it appears ,twinkling on the edge of wind-blown oceanic fog .

It leaves behind hope and emptiness..its this emotion,this memory which I attempt to capture with my camera


They are not pre-conceived and happen as a sensuous response to the beauty of a particular moment, be it the interaction of colour and light or the resonance of emotion that it awakens.

They are essentialy an exploration of perception,physical and metaphorical,

of what happens when the lines which define visual delimitations fade.

Blurring the visual boundaries within an image allows the elemental, chaotic essence of nature to come to the fore.

Nature re-integrates human nature, becoming it's metaphor and mirror. Just as suppressing clear delineations in an image of a landscape reveals ,rather than obscures, it's richness, so blurring the boundaries contemporary culture imposes allows a glimpse of the idea that we live by that which we believe we “see”.

The experimental results of quantum physics and mechanics prove that all is energy,interlinked,thus that the lines of delimitation we percieve do not actualy exist . My images are an invitation to question this indivisible nature of our reality and of the role which our conscience plays in what we perceive.

They are about striving to grasp the joy of just 'being' ,the exchanges of energy which surround and define us .About nature, earth, exuberant life and colour.

                                                                                          Marta Coulson



Individual Exhibition "The tree which reveals the forest" Port Royal Gallery Paris,France.
Permanent Exhibition Lilas Gallery,La Tour Maubourg Paris,France.

Work exhibited at Art Capital Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Grand Palais Paris , France.
  "Toile D'Or" Nomination.

Collective Exhibition "The passage of time" Mediart Galery Paris ,France.
Work exhibited at Art Capital Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais Paris ,France.

Collective Exhibition "Philartmonia"  Thorigny Gallery Paris, France.
Participation at Philartmonia Gala event Paris, France/
  works sold at auction by Cornette de Saint Cyr.
Participation at Art3F Art Fair Brussels, Belgium.
Participation at Art3F Art Fair Luxembourg.

Work exhibited at Art Capital Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais Paris ,France.
Affordable Art Fair Milan, Italy.
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.
Individual Exhibition,Chateauform City Paris 7, France.

Work exhibited at Art Capital Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais Paris ,France.
  Awarded Bronze medal for Photography.
Permanent Exhibition MutualArt London,England.

Work exhibited at Art Capital Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais Paris ,France.
Participation at Art Miami New York art fair with Gallery Cart, Monaco

Art en Capital art fair,Salon des Artistes Francais. Grand Palais Paris ,February 2017

Cannes film festival opening “ Red Carpet Night” Mai 2016

ELEX Premium evening with MyWebart and Lux TV,Mai 2016

Photographic works appear in film Un Homme a l'Hauteur in cinemas from 4th May 2016(Laurent Tirard,With Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira)

rt en Capital art fair,Salon des Artistes Français. Grand Palais  , Paris, November 2015

 Art en Capital art fair,Salon Artistes Indépendants. Grand Palais Paris ,November 2014. Nominated for "Golden canvas"